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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 11, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos "right this minute." a guy at a doughnut shot gets his long johns in a bunch. see the moment the clerk hands him hot coffee which he takes and throws right back at her. rescue in rough waters after a kayak capsizes and a woman starts drifting away. >> the woman was floating there in the sea for 40 minutes. >> she probably thought this was it. >> see the royal dudes who saved the day. the mother of a child born without eyes makes a video about the challenges and bad days. but she says there are so many more good days. how a mother's love became a truly inspiring video. plus a 104-year-old with a
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lot more guts than you. see why she still enjoys strapping it on. what' behind the ne bikini video. christiane getting our show started with the first video. >> the philadelphia police department released the video hoping to help capture this man trying to buy a sandwich from the doughnut shop. the employee of the doughnut shop asked for payment for the sandwich. he said i already paid. you can tell he becomes aggravated. >> you not pay me. no. >> i paid you for my sandwich, lady. >> he's dressed nice will you behe's not acting very nicely. >> no. do not let the suit fool you. look what happens next.
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the employee puts a cup of very hot coffee on the counter, which he then takes and throws it right back at her. >> over a $2 and something sandwich. you know what, in this case isn't the customer always right? i hate to say that. if he says he paid, here's the sandwich, let it go. >> as soon as he threw the coffee, the issue wasn't whether he paid or not. now he assaulted the woman. police are still looking for him, because he caused severe injuries to this employee. she's 27 years old and her arm is bandaged up because she was burned. >> so stupid to get into a confrontation like this over a sandwich. come on. >> you know what, i know people know who this guy is. i have a feeling somebody is going to make a phone call and turn this guy in.
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the awesome rescue team from the royal national lifeboat institution, they were at it again this time. two kayakers near the coast of wales in the uk, they capsized in rough seas. one was a 53-year-old man, the other a 47-year-old woman. the woman began drifting away out to sea. so to the rescue came the unit of the rnli. those guys have been a group since 1830. when they got to the scene, there was another kayaker there lending a hand. you can see them lifting the couple on board their lifeboat. they said that the woman was floating there in the sea for 40 minutes. can you imagine these waters are rough, these waters are cold. she ingested a lot of seawater while she was out there. she was also very cold, very confused. >> imagine what went through her mind in those 40 minutes where
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she's drifting, taking in lots of water. she probably thought this was it. >> the woman was eventually airlifted by a helicopter and transferred to a nearby hospital where she was diagnosed with hypothermia. she was later discharged and she was okay. >> they made the transfer at sea. they didn't wait until they got to shore. >> they didn't have time a press officer from the royal national lifeboat institute said the emergency first aid and early treatment that this rescue team gave to this woman could very well have saved her life and definitely helped in her recovery. >> what happened to the man who was rescued? >> the man was okay. he said he didn't need to be taken to the hospital. you can see in here as they are taking him off the boat, he's okay. just a little shaken up. you all remember the cone of shame doug had to wear in the oscar winning movie "up." a teacher thought i'll do the same thing with my students. >> oh, boy. >> lori bailey, a teacher at the
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zephyrhills school in tampa, florida. basically when students were late or talking on their phones she put a real dog collar on them. the students thought it was funny. this is what tam isha had to say to in florida. >> we did the stuff. she asked us before. we were joking around. >> i think it's hilarious but i'm going to guess she probably got into trouble for this. >> she did get in trouble. a parent saw it and they said uh-uh. >> i don't care if it's a joke or not. that's a human, not an animal. i don't feel she should be here. >> what she should be outraged about is late to class, texting, the kid herself said she should get in trouble. >> how is this different from a dunce cap. >> it isn't. times have changed and people say, no, i don't want that happening to my kid. >> parents aren't the only ones
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upset. the superintendent of the school said she, quote, used extremely poor judgment and recommended the teacher be terminated. but the teacher says she's going to appeal. >> i hope she keeps her job. >> everybody is like we miss you. it's affecting all of us, the whole freshman class that has her as a teacher. >> you are never too old to do really amazing things. the woman you're seeing in this video is 104 years old. actually 104 1/2. peggy alpine. in this amazing video she's attempting to reclaim the guinness world record to be the oldest woman to paraglide. >> reclaim it. >> she was paragliding tandem. when she was 99 she became the oldest woman to paraglide. this past september a 101-year-old american took the
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title. >> that whipper snapper. >> how could she? >> right? peggy was like, no way. i'm reclaiming this title. so in april she went to the top of the five finger mountain range. they strap her in and she jumps off a 2400 foot mountain. >> wow. >> i think people realize what a strong, amazing woman peggy is. you know what, we're just going to do that. in fact, peggy got into extreme sports when she was 80. >> i wouldn't do that now never mind at 80 or 104, i wouldn't bungee jump. better late than never. >> goes to show her determination and personality. she's a go getter. >> this should be assigned to anybody afraid to do it. if peg can do it, so can you. >> right now we have her via skype along with her daughter. have you heard fro guinness, is the record with peggy?
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>> yes. we heard last week. she'sady paragliding in the world. >> tell us, peggy, how it felt to stand on the edge of that mountain before you ran off in the air. >> i always enjoy it. >> when somebody broke your record before, were you like, i need to get the record back? >> oh, yes. >> in fact, it was my two children who persuaded my mother to do this jump. she felt she couldn't let them down. >> what's the craziest thing you have done. >> i think it was flying in one of those early airplanes in 1919. >> really quickly before we let you go, how do you get to be 104? >> i haven't the faintest idea.
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>> a driver gets pulled over but he ain't staying long. >> he decided he was going to make a run for it. >> see what happened when an officer had to make a split second decision. >> run the risk of being run over by the car or jump in. >> some newborn cubs. >> four rare white tiger cubs. >> hear just how rare they are and why one is extra special later. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price -- oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here.
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take a close look at this video. this is dash-cam video. there's an officer that just jumped into that car. there's two officers pulling over keith white. he decided he was going to make a run for it. in that moment the officer tried to pull him out of the car. he had to make a decision, run
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the risk of getting run over by the car or jump in. i jump in, took over the steering wheel. he was in the car for one block when he was finally able to get the driver to stop. >> like a stunt cop. >> he had really fast instincts. they figured out what was going to happen. they saw the guy turn the car on and knew this guy was going to make a run for it. the officer made a very fast decision. he opened the door. look, he jumped in. >> he jumped in right over the wheel, the driver. they could have crashed. >> what happened after they got control of the car? >> the driver was arrested for aggravated battery on an officer and resisting arrest. but he did have warrants out for driving on a suspended license, loss of a firemen by a convicted flown and carrying a concealed firemen. >> this is not a good day for him for sure. >> you guys are going to be
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amazed at what i'm about to show you. four rare white tiger cubs born at a zoo in ukraine. it's feeding time as you can see. one of these cubs albino. you've got four rare birds. in that four rare bird you've got one super rare bird. >> any stripes? solid white? >> looks like some markings on the head. the thing is white tigers are rare. they believe there are no more than 100 in the wild. i know zoos have some in breeding programs. four tiger cubs. >> like light gray markings. >> that's so cute, though. it's so funny these cubs they are handling them, feeding them with pink baby bottles. three years from now you won't be able to get in the cage with those jokers. >> at one point they had one in a box there. looks like they were going to mail them somewhere. >> that was a scale. >> i can see how you'd think
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that. it doesn't look like they are weighing a package. >> this is lacy buchanan. in her arm is her one-year-old son christian. as you can see from the video there are no words to it, other than the words she holds up on cards. using these cards she tells the story of the birth of her son christi christian. >> she had a bow on her belly. you see her eyes welling up. something is about to happen. >> after they found out they were, in fact, having a little boy. they got a phone call from her doctor saying something wasn't quite right. even though they knew something was wrong with christian they kept the baby. >> what a horrible situation to have to consider that. >> once they got to the hospital and delivered christian, the condion w worse than what doctorschristian was born with rare kind of cleft palate.
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it affected not only his mouth but caused christian to be born without eyes, completely blind. once they brought him home, they were then faced with the challenge of how do you rays a blind child. you find out she was heart broken having to deal with the people and stares and heartbreak, but then christian started laughing and giggling and developing his own personality. she calls him the love of her life and says now when people come up to christian and look and stare he starts to giggle. there are challenges, there are bad days, but she says there are so many more good days. she wanted to create this video to inspire other people to find their lives a blessing. at the very end after you've read about christian's story with the family, she turns christian around. she's about to show the world his beautiful little face.
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>> how can you not be charm by him with that smile? have you ever been tempted to run across the train tracks to get to the other side. >> never once in my life. >> one hurdling chance is taking on the challenge to prove how dangerous it is. everyone has a cell phone but the problem is -- >> they are leading to an epidemic. >> the story behind
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so we found out one of our "right this minute" friends has a birthday on friday. from one bay area girl to another, i want to wish you a happy birthday. i have a gift for you. >> happy birthday. i made you a cool hat. thank you so much for being all over we love your comments and everything you say. stay with us. happy birthday. have you ever been tempted to run across the train tracks to get to the other side. you're in a hurry. make a sprint for it. >> never once in my life. >> you guys all seem to know better but the uk has a problem with this. in the last five years as many as 200 people have been killed a lot of these guys are fit young men. can you see some of the tv footage. >> that's exactly why i wouldn't
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do it. i know i would trip and fall. >> they put together this psa featuring a world-class hurdler. he's fit, fast, he could make it across the track. >> a train coming, doing 80 miles an hour. around 300 meters away leaving 5.5 seconds to get out of the way. >> no problem. 5.5 seconds, he's right across. what happens if you start adding in some real world things. >> unexpected trip -- >> the point they are trying to make if this guy, who is a world-class runner can't make it, you shouldn't even try. >> they do make it so you can take a walkway to the other side. >> there's pedestrian bridges everywhere. >> it's sad they have to make a
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psa about this. >> man, everyone has them now. >> guess what? they are leading to an epidemic. >> yeah, just walking out. hang on a second. >> idiot. >> i'm sorry. my bad. my fault. >> that epidemic, phone d word. that d word rhymes with knicks. >> my wife comes in, you love me. i know you love me. you're my wife, right? >> the video put together by t co t it's funny because in the video, yes, people being obnoxious on their phone doing all sorts of things. but all the other people are very for giving. >> you're on my foot!
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>> sorry. >> isn't it funny? there's a little truth in these, even though it's exaggerated. the world we live in. >> they are texting and talking and they talk to each other. >> you were on the phone? >> yeah. yeah, i'd love to go out on friday night. >> of course can only show you a few funny parts of the video. if you want to see the entire thing head to our website, monday on "right this minute." this is kirby chambliss, the best in the world what he does. >> the control he has is insane. >> i get board. >> that's monday on "right this minute." >> ladies, this video is particularly for you. >> are you sure about that?
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turns out he's not lying. find out why this is one both
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for the ballet festival, an unusual pairing. >> he dances ballet, he's a frenchman. he's dancing with this digger.
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>> i have to say it's elegant. >> he's riding this thing and doing dance moves and acting like his partner. >> he hasn't said anything. we've left her speechless. >> well, you know, i guess if you can't find someone to dance with you a digger works. >> you know what would be really great about this? if the show doesn't go well, you can easily dig a hole and stick your head in it. >> then blame it on your partner. ladies, this video is particularly for you. this the 2012 product line for bikinis so you can pick and see what you like to wear this summer. >> because we love looking at girs in bikinis, day in and day out. >> you're not looking at girls
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in bikinis, you're shopping. this is online shopping. >> why look on a mannequin or some picture laying flat on the ground, might as well see it on loverly ladies. >> these were shot in maui over the winner. you can imagine what you would look like in the bikinis. >> you are so generous, nick, thinking about us all the time. >> none of them look like me, so i'm trying to figure out which style i should wear. >> i'll go home. i'll study this video very deeply and pick out one for each of you guys. >> i have a feeling you're going to come back with nothing. >> i can make a pick right now. >> go for it. >> gayle looks good in red. beth with the pink and white. >> i'm going with the black bikini for christina. i think she would look lovely in black. >> why didn't i get invited to
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this girls weekend. they are having so much fun. they need somebody there to make sure nobody does anything weird to them. >> or get drinks. >> you guys could have tried to blend in. worn a wig, lip sticks, worn a bathing suit. you would have blended right in. that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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